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  • Anti-University

    Applied to run a podcasting workshop at the Fish Factory in Penryn as part of the anti-university festival. Not sure if it exactly ties in with the project but it is an opportunity to do some more outreach…

  • Latest Developments

    Current status of the project I have a number of potential collaborations in the pipeline which will become more confirmed next week. The Olive Branch in Penryn which is a community organisation helping people with mental health problems and giving mums a chance to meet. The Dracaena Centre in Falmouth which is a centre for…

  • Software and project update

    Software: it’s become apparent that it will be much more worthwhile to develop a web-based peer to peer Chrome based application along the lines of Cleanfeed or ipDTL. Both these applications are not open source and require payment for advanced features. They also take advantage of latest developments in WebRTC and Opus codec. Participation: The…

  • Cosmic Art Radio Show

    Cosmic Art Radio Show

    Made a guest appearance on the Cosmic Art Radio Show talking about community radio. Had to be the presenter for a bit when Cosmic left his music at home…

  • Source volunteer outreach meeting

    Source volunteer outreach meeting

    Tonight we had a meeting with the Source FM volunteer outreach group. Some great feedback from the members and also some good potential contacts – Maria DiCarlo at Concern Care, The Dracaena Centre & The Beacon Project, Women’s Institute, The Olive Garden at Penryn 

  • Snow stops play

    Snow stops play

    Most unusual for Cornwall – tonight’s meeting was stopped by snow and blizzards!

  • Ethics Approval Received

    The ethics committee at UWS have approved my research ethics application with a couple of amendments! While I have found this process laborious it has been insightful and given me experience and increased my knowledge in this area.

  • Meeting at the Source studios

    Today I had a meeting at the Source FM studios with Russell Clarke. Talked about DBS check, written permission to use the building. Mentioned the training and volunteer outreach group were meeting at the Watersports Centre in Falmouth on Thursday at 7:30 PM so I will attend and present my project. Could potentially gain some…

  • Research Ethics

    Due to the nature of the project (potentially working with people from vulnerable groups who may not be able to give consent) the ethics application is somewhat involved. This has been quite a rigorous process, initially frustrating it has led to me becoming more au fait with the concepts and theories of research ethics and…

  • MA Project launch

    Exploring the use of digital media, open source software and networking technology to broaden participation in Community Radio amongst currently under-represented groups As part of my MA Creative Media Practice at the University of the West of Scotland, my MA Creative Project is practice-based research into broadening participation in community radio.