As well as my work with sound, radio and in the community I am also a professional illustrator using the alias Rynside: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Three Chords Festival
In 2014 I was invited by the Three Chords punk festival in Penzance to be a resident artist, creating promotional artwork for the festival.

Pastyman is the first Cornish superhero, who found himself with strange powers after eating a radioactive pasty. Developed, written and illustrated by myself, Pastyman’s first adventure will be published sometime in the coming year. In the meantime you can get a taster by visiting his Tapastic site.

T-Shirts. I was asked by Punkaholics Anonymous, a punk radio station to illustrate their mascot, Skaletone Bob.

Bob Cat
I was involved in a collaborative project to produce a short animation highlighting some of the perils of lack of privacy and naive internet usage. I designed the characters and provided the artwork for the short film, which can be seen below.