I have extensive experience in broadcasting and radio, from live broadcasting to recording and post-production, having spent 2 years as studio manager full time at the Source FM, as well as many other personal and collaborative projects. Some of which include:

A Space to Speak Your Mind

A Space to Speak Your Mind is a lived experience, co-produced community radio show and podcast about mental health. It was developed during my PhD and has gone on to win five Community Radio Awards and a National Mind Excellence Award for Tackling Stigma and Discrimination. After the research project, the show survives supported by Cornwall Mind.

Carrick Roads
The first Cornish soap opera, Carrick Roads was an ambitious community project in Falmouth, Cornwall, which saw the collaboration of writers, artists, actors, and sound engineers from the community. I was the main sound engineer on the project in charge of recording, editing and sound design.

Falmouth Primary School
The Falmouth Primary School created a radio programme on a monthly basis. I worked in collaboration with them to produce content.

Hell I Am Show
A weekly show with sketches and debate about the Arts.