Creative Skills 2 Portfolio

This is the online portfolio for work created as part of the Creative Skills 2 module of the MA Creative Media Practice at the University of the West of Scotland.

Website and Business

At the heart of the project was preparing myself for life after the MA, to be ready to accept work and put in applications for funding. In that respect I decided to create a website (this one) and set up as self-employed.


Business card design

I have created branding for myself as a practitioner, including the graphics for this website. In order to create these I used open source vector-based editor, Inkscape as I wished to improve my skills with vector-based graphics. I also used a Wacom tablet as I am not usually a digital artist, preferring pen and paper, but I did find that I got used to this method of working.

UWS Radio Show

I have been producing a radio show, “Outlandish”, on campus-based community radio station, UWS Radio exploring some of the areas I wish to research in my Masters project and beyond. You can see all the shows produced at: and below is a show that was produced entirely on a laptop, including using the laptop’s internal microphone to record the vocals:


Animation: “Walk”

I created an animation using OpenToonz open source animation software and Kdenlive video editor. It represents the way the repetitive nature of walking allows you to slip into your own thoughts and reveries. I used a rotoscoping technique and the images of Eadweard Muybridge.


“Water and Dreams”

This piece tries to create a sense of space, in particular that of Ayr campus. Initially I tried to create something linear, but found that using code on a website I was able to create a random sequence of changing images and sound that fit better conceptually with the piece.


Radio Aporee

I am a fan of the Radio Aporee site and when I noticed the site contained no recordings from Ayr, I uploaded my location recordings: